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    Every Friday, renowned data scientist and entrepreneur Michael Puscar discusses a new topic in emerging technologies.

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    Artificial Intelligence in Video Games: How AI is bringing more realism to animation

    Creating animated characters in video games is an expensive and tedious process for game designers, yet the results are still inadequate. However, new technologies in artificial intelligence aim to change that, bringing realism not just to character movements but to decision-making by NPCs.

    Democratization of AI: Enabling the Future Making AI accessible to everyone

    Artificial Intelligence technology is no longer the future, it is the now, and it is changing our world. Until recently, however, this technology has only been available to data scientists with access to powerful machines.

    Decentralization is the new black: How blockchain can and is changing Social Media

    When should free speech be censored and what is technology’s role in vetting content? Following an unprecedented purge of content and accounts in 2020, including the account of then President Donald Trump, 2021 saw a concerted effort to decentralize speech and to create distributed social media networks.

    MRNA Technology and the Future of Medicine

    With the world under siege by a pandemic that resulted in more than 350,000 deaths in 2020, scientists turned to a new, experimental technology to turn the tide against the virus. But mRNA technology was not originally intended to create the next generation of vaccines.

    Neural Networks: Predicting the Future

    As humans, we believe that we are good at identifying trends and accurately predicting the future. However the truth is very different. Neural networks are being used across virtually every industry, from fraud detection at banks to predicting disease in patients.

    The Future of Education

    The modern day education system is in fact not very modern at all. It looks remarkably like the education system developed in the 19th century during the industrial revolution, with summer vacations originally intended to allow students to help their families in the field and one size fits all curriculums.

    Michael Puscar

    Serial entrepreneur, technologist and investor

    Michael Puscar is a serial entrepreneur, investor and philanthropist who is deeply in love with technology. Michael is an optimist by nature, a devout catholic and transcendentalist who cares very much about humanity and is firmly committed to using technology as a catalyst for better education, wealth creation and better healthcare regardless of socioeconomic status, race or origin.

    He is the author of three patents, one issued and two pending, for the use of ground-breaking search and retrieval technology, as well as neural networks and ontology-based content classification. He is a programmer by trade and his expertise is in natural language processing and artificial intelligence.