Michael Puscar

Founder and CEO

Oiga Technologies was founded by serial entrepreneur, technologist and investor Michael Puscar. 

Michael Puscar (Wikipedia, LinkedIn) is a serial entrepreneur, investor and philanthropist who is deeply in love with technology. Michael is an optimist by nature, a transcendentalist who deeply cares about humanity and is firmly committed to using technology as a catalyst for better education, wealth creation and better healthcare regardless of socioeconomic status, race or origin.  He is the author of two patents, one issued and one pending, for the use of ground-breaking search and retrieval technology. He is a programmer by trade and his expertise is in natural language processing and artificial intelligence.  

Michael was raised and educated in the United States, Michael is fluent in four languages including English, Spanish, Italian and Chinese (Cantonese).  Michael is a frequent speaker at international conferences on topics ranging from emerging technology to macroeconomics. If you are interested in booking Michael’s time for a radio or television appearance, please contact Alejandra Velasquez

Some of Michael’s prior speaking venues have including O’Reilly Tools of Change, the Frankfurt Book Fair, the Founder Institute, the Latin American Private Equity & Venture Capital Association (LAVCA), Contech London and MarkLogic World. He has been interviewed by prestigious news organizations worldwide including the Financial Times, CBS Marketwatch, TeleMedellin, Colmundo Radio and most recently appeared on the Brains Byte Back podcast with Sam Brake.

Michael is perhaps most famous for video that he took as a passenger on flight Alitalia AZ-63 when it crash landed in Rome, Italy on September 30, 2013.

In addition to running Oiga Technologies, Michael is the co-founder of NPCx, a pioneering startup dedicated to the creation of more lifelike NPCs in video games through the use of artificial intelligence. He is also the Managing Director of GITP Ventures, the co-founder of IPSUM Clinical CRO, and an investor and board member of six other startups and private non-profit foundations. He also donates his time to Fusion Pointe as a mentor and is dedicated to growing the Southwest Florida startup ecosystem.

For more information about Michael, please see his profile on the GITP web site.