Aldemar Hernandez

Chief Data Scientist

Aldemar Hernandez

As Oiga’s Chief Data Scientist, Aldemar Hernandez manages the company’s data science team including multiple groundbreaking initiatives across industries such as finance, education, human resources, health care and video games.  He is an entrepreneur with more than a decade of experience working with artificial intelligence technology and neural networks, including work at various startups in the United States and Latin America.

Aldemar has a Master’s Degree in Control and Automatization with a specific focus on Artificial Intelligence. This, coupled with his experience as an AI researcher with 10+ years in industrial and applied AI experience, has enabled Aldemar to build a successful career both as a researcher and as a university professor.

Beyond his deep experience in the field of AI, Aldemar is a key component of Oiga’s management team where he is focused upon innovating the company’s suite of products.

When he’s not changing the world, Aldemar has a passion for music and sports participation, including playing the electric guitar and swimming.