COVID-19 Security measures to avoid infection at home

Cases per day (Colombia)


While we work from home, we don’t have the necessary security measures to avoid infection. A visit,
an unsanitary home, or not having good hygiene can be a big step to getting infected.
Here are some recommendations while you work or stay at home.

Using the mask

  • Wash your hands with an alcohol-based disinfectant or with soap and water before taking the face mask.
  • Cover your mouth and nose with the mask and make sure there are no gaps between your face and the mask.
  • Avoid touching the face mask while using it. If you do, wash your hands with an alcohol-based disinfectant or with soap and water.
  • Change face masks as soon as they are wet and do not reuse single-use masks.
To remove the mask:

Wash your hands before touching the mask, and remove it by touching ONLY the straps (do not touch the front of the mask) (do not touch the front of the mask).
Immediately dispose of it in a closed container and wash your hands with an alcohol-based disinfectant or soap and water.

Disinfection of cellphones and equipment

  • Unplug and turn off the equipment to be cleaned.
  • Use a mixture of water and alcohol in the same proportion.
  • Soak a soft clean suede cloth use another dry clean cloth to proceed with drying.
  • AVOID: Pure undiluted alcohol, hand sanitizer gel, applying pressure to screens, makeup remover towels, glass cleaner, spraying liquids directly on the equipment.

Home entry protocol

  • When you come home, try not to touch anything.
  • Take off your shoes.
  • Disinfect your pet’s paws.
  • Take off your outer clothing and put it in a laundry bag.
  • Leave a bag, keys, wallet, etc in a box at the entrance.
  • Shower or with a wet wipe wash the exposed areas.
  • Disinfect cellphones and glasses.
  • Clean with chlorine the surfaces of what you have brought from outside (20ml of chlorine per liter of water).

Home departure protocol

  • When you go out, try to wear a long-sleeved jacket.
  • Tie your hair high in a ponytail, and try not wear earrings, bracelets, watches or rings.
  • If you have a mask, put it on just before leaving.
  • Try not to use public transportation.
  • If you go with your pet, try to make sure they don’t rub against surfaces on the outside.
  • Take disposable clothes to use them to cover your fingers when touching surfaces.
  • Fold handkerchiefs and throw them in a closed bag before putting it in the dumpster.
  • If you cough or sneeze, do it on your elbow, not your hands or in the air.
  • Try not to pay in cash, and if you do, disinfect your hands afterward.
  • Wash your hands after touching any object/surface, or carry disinfectant gel.
  • Don’t touch your face until you have clean hands.
  • Stay at least two meters away from others.

Coexistence protocol with people at risk

  • Sleep in separate beds.
  • Use different baths and disinfect with chlorine.
  • Do not share towels, cutlery, glasses, etc.
  • Clean and disinfect high contact surfaces.
  • Wash clothes, sheets and towels very frequently.
  • Keep distance, sleep in separate rooms.
  • Often ventilate rooms.
  • Call the designated phones if there is a fever greater than 38º and difficulty breathing.
  • Do not break the established quarantine, each exit from home is a reset of the counter.

Stay home – why quarantine?

  • 0% isolation: 1 infected person, contact with 2.5 people in 5 days, in 30 days infect 406 people.
  • 50% isolation: 1 infected person, contact with 1.5 people in 5 days, in 30 days infect 15 people.
  • 75% isolation: 1 infected person, contact with 0.625 people in 5 days, in 30 days infect 2.5 people.