Account Manager – Peer Review

Available positions: 1


C1 Level Required

+ 3 years



Know the peer review process used in scientific literature and its importance.

Good reading comprehension, to determine the field of specialization of the article and thus carry out the search for reviewers in the most appropriate way.

Ability to approach different angles in the search for specialists who can be reviewers for articles.

Good command of tools such as Google Scholar, PubMed and Sci-hub.


Daily activities

Entering the platform of the journal you will be working on and choose an article to search for potential reviewers. The number of reviewers that are invited in each round depends on the journal, therefore the number of articles that are processed daily varies according to this.

In addition to inviting reviewers, You will be in charge of other processes in one of the journals you’ll work for:

Be aware of the deadlines of the specialists who accept to review the manuscripts, to remove those who have not returned the review within the period stipulated by the journal.

Move to the “Make recommendation” or “Make decision” list those manuscripts that meet requirements such as: having no reviews after sending 30 invitations, only having 1 review after sending 40 invitations, two or more reviewers declined the invitation to review the article because the abstract denotes poor quality of the study or language.


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