BIG DATA TECHNOLOGISTS We are experts in Big Data technology. Learn how to leverage your data to create new products and new revenue.

In the last decade, an explosion of new content and unstructured data has empowered business to create new business models and new products to sell. It was the catalyst for the use of artificial intelligence and resulted in what we call the Big Data revolution

Your data is your crown jewels. Let our team of veteran data scientists put it to work for you through data analytics, trend detection, and machine learning algorithms. We use not only your own proprietary data but open source content from third parties and metadata.

Taxonomies and Ontologies

Our team includes data scientists and programmers with decades of experience working with NLP technologies. We can create ontologies and taxonomies and use them to classify your content, empowering search and creating metadata that results in new products that you can sell. 

Solving nontraditional problems 

We are selective in the projects and customers that we have. Our team is tackling some of the most challenging problems of our day. Some of our customers have more than 50 terabytes of data and millions of users. 

In a box on the left or right, include these words: Big Data provides both opportunities and challenges, and those challenges require non traditional solutions. Contact us for a free assessment of your architecture.

At Oiga, we’re experts in working with Big Data technology. Using databases like Google Big Query, along with Kubernetes containers and cloud based auto-scaling, let our team of veteran Big Data programmers tackle your most challenging problems.