ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE AI is not the future, it is the now. Learn how using AI can lower your costs and create new streams of revenue.

Intelligence (AI)

AI Technology is often cast as waiting for us in the distant future. But at Oiga, we’re implementing AI solutions for our customers right now to give them a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Read our white paper, Artificial Intelligence is not the Future, it is the Now.

Artificial Intelligence as a Commodity

Over the past 18 months, nearly every major cloud platform has embedded AI technology into their cloud services.

At Oiga, we understand technologies such as TensorFlow, Amazon SageMaker, and the Google AI suite of products. We use these commodity cloud services and open source technology to solve some of our industry’s most challenging problems.

An existential threat

It is often said that 30% of jobs will be eliminated within 30 years. It goes without saying then, that many businesses will fail as well. Businesses that adopt AI technology now will have a significant competitive advantage.